Darin McFadyen: darin@aci-la.orgTHE PROJECT:
Enlightening quotes by Lama Marut are selected and sent, via Twitter, to students looking to up their dose of daily Dharma. Currently 400 of Lama Marut’s students receive these mini teachings daily.

To grow the number of daily Twitter recipients to 1000+ by the end of 2009. And, since it’s all about who you know, we want to integrate this service with His other Online Social Networking accounts, and the new Web sites. It’s also time to extend the scope and range of messages. We want them to coincide with the various holidays, celebrations, and Holy days around the world.

We need people who like a good party, or at least want to research international holidays, to help craft the daily messages to coincide with some of these special days. Be a part of the project to help extend the scope and power of the messages. And, for all the social butterflies of the 21st century, we need help integrating and updating Lama Marut’s Twitter account into other Social Networking sites.

Contact:“It’s the small things that make you a perfect spiritual person. Seriously.” -Geshe Michael Roach


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  1. How can I help?

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