Carmencita Penaloza:

Having transcriptions of Lama Marut’s teachings helps:

1. The multiple Dharma book projects we have in the works
2. Teachers to design new courses
3. Students to have access to the teachings in a format that might be more conducive to their learning and comprehension
4. To create an archive of the teachings in a form other than digital audio
5. Continue our lineage’s wonderful and arguably mandated tradition of preserving the teachings of our Lamas!

YES, you can be a part of this endeavour!

Volunteer to transcribe and we’ll send you instructions on what and how to do it. Typing teachings word-for-word will get you enlightened EVEN FASTER!

Carmencita Penaloza:


2 Responses to “TRANSCRIPTIONS”

  1. Hi, I can type pretty fast and I would love to serve Venerable Lama Marut. Please let me know how I can help.

  2. i am happy to transcribe. thank you for the opportunity to help.

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