Volunteer Opportunities

Thank you to all of the ACI-LA volunteers who help with our various Dharma projects! We are currently looking for people who have specific skills in certain areas so please > email us if you:

  • Would like to help transcribe full-length audio teachings
  • If you have some time to look through aci-la.org and find broken weblinks and audio that doesn’t download.
  • Have accounting skills and/or are familiar with Quik-Books
  • Add a link to ACI-LA website on your blog.

If you’re interested in helping out at the Mahasukha Center check out some of the opportunities below.

CENTER DEVELOPMENT: Help with painting, carpentry, or electrical and plumbing. if that’s your style. Help this young center grow from the ground up. Jesus was a carpenter! Contact: Cliff Spencer cliff.spencer@aci-la.org

CENTER CARE: This includes general upkeep and maintenance. This also includes incredible karma. Contact: Sal Gallina salxudt21@gmail.com

COMMUNICATIONS and ADMINISTRATION: This includes advertising, flier design, web optimization, fund raising, the book store, front desk functions etc. Contact: Lauren Benjamin lauren.benjamin@aci-la.org

TECH: This includes recording (audio, video and still photography) and broadcasting teachings. Contact: Rick Blue rick.blue@aci-la.org or Darin darin@aci-la.org

EVENT PRODUCTION: Jason Rosenfield jasonrosenfield@gmail.com


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