mahasukhaThe Mahasukha Center (in Sanskrit “great bliss”) is ACI-LA’s home. The Center provides a wide range of courses including guided meditations, Buddha dharma, teachings on spiritual partners, workshops by nationally known yoga teachers, and informal talks on a variety of subjects. This Center is a place for people to connect through study, practice and events such as Dharma Flicks, debate nights, dinners and more.  Yoga at Mahasukha strives to reunite the long separated Tibetan Buddhist and Hindu Yogic traditions by combining the “inner methods” (meditation and philosophy) and “outer methods” (physical poses and breath work) into a self-less practice infused with wisdom and compassion.

Please click here for volunteer opportunites to help this center.

The Mahasukha Center Location:
6512 Arizona Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90045


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